We didn’t become the industry leaders overnight.

We’ve been here working with you since 1973.

Founded in 1973 by Jim and Kathy Moser in Casper, Wyoming, Moser built its business and reputation over multiple decades as a leading provider of engine service and repair for the oil and gas industry. In the early 2000’s Moser made a significant industry innovation when Moser successfully tested a generator in the field using wellhead gas produced as a byproduct in oil production. This innovation allowed for a substantial reduction in natural gas flaring and a reduction in oilfield operating expenses. Today, Moser's generators and services are known as the gold standard for durability and reliability. Moser continues its legacy of innovation and industry-leading generators with a full line of natural gas generators, diesel generators, and HybridGen systems.

In early 2020, Moser Energy consummated a transformational transaction to strategically and financially strengthen the company when WestFront Capital Group (http://www.westfrontcapital.com/) and Hilltop Opportunity Partners (http://www.hilltop-holdings.com/hop) invested in the company. Randall Moser maintains ownership alongside Hilltop and WestFront.


Darce Laws
Chief Executive Officer

Barry Butler
Chief Financial Officer

Craig Wright
Senior Vice President of Sales

Darrin Moorman
Vice President of Innovation and Business Development