If you're flaring the wellhead, you're losing money.

Moser generators run reliably on untreated wellhead gas or natural gas eliminating diesel deliveries to well sites
and the benefits don't stop there.

We Provide Solutions to all Major Industries

Our generators are geared towards providing you the power you need. whether it's oil & gas, mining, industrial,or home/business we have you covered.



Your power needs are significant, so why settle for the mediocrity? Utilizing innovation and providing superior equipment and customer service, Moser Energy Systems delivers power solutions designed to fit your power needs. Moser generators are tried, tested and proven worldwide with over 13 million run hours in the field. Moser's natural gas generators will reduce your operational costs, reduce or even eliminate emissions caused by flaring and thereby eliminate much of the unnecessary hassles in the oilfeld. Let Moser Energy Systems provide the power you need, when and where you need it.

We are the industry leader in manufacturing, servicing, and reliability.